Hello, I’m Pauline

I am a Digital Product Designer with 12 years industry experience in design, digital and also client-side agencies, where I had the opportunity to work for brands such as Amazon Music, Citi Bank and Marie Claire across the entire project life cycle. My most recent role was at Global where I specialised in the UI/UX design of digital experiences for their media brands, including Capital FM, LBC and Heart, that meet measurable user and business goals.

I am able to quickly adapt to new challenges and passionate about user-centred design to create engaging digital experiences and how users engage with them. I enjoy getting involved in the whole process, starting from ideation, designing, prototyping to testing.

Some brands I have worked with

Capital FM
Amazon Music

Pauline’s super power is her ability to learn quick and work with only the minimal amount of guidance. She’s incredibly well organised and manages her time well while keeping her standards high. She constantly looks for aspects of the service she thinks she can help improve utilising her previous experience.
Senior Visual Designer, Amazon Music

Pauline is the rare unicorn you’ve been hearing about but never seen. I’ve worked with all types of designers over the years, and Pauline is a true combination of UX and UI more so than any I can think of. She is data driven, smart, self-initiated, asks the right questions, finds the evidence, evaluates the options and then produces detailed UX and IA followed by visually strong design systems and UI. You could let her manage and organise your design system. You could let her research the details and data sources needed to start concept work. You could expect to see clear, well-thought out visuals that take on best practice UI principles. You could ask her to take you through the work and get stunning presentations with her thoughtful, humorous presentation style. You could ask her to show you her meticulous sketch books and note taking process which you’ll want to steal techniques from. You can trust her with any project no matter how complicated. I’ve no doubt that anything you could think of Pauline would deliver something brilliant every time.
Lead Product Designer, Global 

My Services

App/Responsive Web Design
Branding and Identity
Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Online Advertising
HTML E-mails

Technical Skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
A/B Testing
Google Analytics