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Improve the ‘Playlists’ feature within the Global Player to help increase evening and weekend listening across Global’s radio brands, such as Capital FM. The ‘Playlist’ section was added to allow users to play music to suit various moods based on the different music brands. This was launched as a MVP and initial results indicated this section was not easily understood by users.


The creation and re-launch of the Playlists section with improved features to aid usability.

Research and Discovery

I worked closely with team members from the UX Researcher/Specialist, Product Owner to Developers to understand the business and user needs. I analysed Global Player’s existing UI components to ensure the enhanced framework was cohesive with the existing app experience. In addition, I looked at other competitor’s playlist storefront content for greater understanding of the marketplace conditions and help the business refine their playlist artwork strategy.

The Problem
Little distinction between playlists.
UI inconsistencies with new features.
Lack of curated content.
Difficulties in showcasing and adding sponsored playlists.

Ideation and Wireframing

Next, I progressed onto low-fidelity screen flows, wireframing, IA and prototyping. I presented these to the team and stakeholders to ensure technical feasibility and alignment with the objectives. In addition, I drafted the playlist artwork template to explore placements for the brand logos and imagery, and how the template works across different card components. I collaborated with the Lead Product Designer (who designed the final artwork and branding) and provided consultation on the playlist artwork strategy for the efficient delivery of assets.

Global Player Playlists Section Low Fidelity Screen Flow

High-Fidelity Designs and Prototyping

After the wireframes were finalised and agreed by the team, I then created the high-fidelity designs across platforms; Web, iOS and Android. This allowed the team, stakeholders and myself to review, provide updates, and conduct the agile sizing estimations for delivery.

Launch and Opitimisation

Due the different legacy framework within the app environments, the build was split into two phases. The next phase will be the alignment of the “Playlist Details”, “Linear Stream” screens and promo slots across platforms. The Playlists section’s performance will be monitored and the data collected will be used to plan the next optimisation tasks.

The Improvements:
Relevant playlist artwork and information for easier distinguishing of content.
Alignment of UI/UX elements; card items, user flow and messaging.
Clear storefront page with curated content and sponsored promo slots based on the user’s interest.
Responsive cross platform design (App and Web).

Playlists Storefront On Mobile and Tablet
Playlist Carousel Hero Prototype Animation Global Web Player Playlists Storefront On Desktop

Working with Pauline at Global has been a real pleasure! She is thorough in her research, deliberate in her actions and always seeking data to aid and validate her decisions. Pauline can be trusted to see her work through with great attention to detail and consideration for both business and user needs. I would absolutely recommend Pauline or seize the opportunity to work with her again in the future.
UX Specialist, Global